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SpecFicNz‘s Halloween Flash Fiction competition and

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The One by Jo Tomlinson

Craig was the one. I knew it straight away, from the moment I saw him. He was handsome, but handsome wasn’t special, and Craig was so much more than that. He had golden curls and big blue eyes flecked with grey. I’d been hesitant when he’d first approached me in the bar that Halloween. My last relationship hadn’t ended well. He had promised so much and delivered so little. I’d spent twelve months thinking that it could go somewhere, that finally I had met the man who could make me happy. Instead he hurt me. A lot. I have the scars to prove it. I was in no hurry to risk myself again. But then in walked Craig. I couldn’t look him in the eyes without smiling. I was terrible at playing hard to get. I kept my chin against my chest. I read the drinks menu over and over, anything to avoid those eyes. Eventually I gave in. I looked at him and I might as well have given him my heart then and there. I knew I wanted his. He made me feel something no other man had. Hope. I was hopeful for my future. With Craig’s help, I could survive. Our time together was bliss, my adoration growing with each new day. I found out he went to church every Sunday and helped feed the homeless. We’d visited his family and his mother let slip that Craig had told them he loved me and asked for his grandmother’s wedding ring. He wanted to propose. I couldn’t believe it. Someone loved me. I tried not to smile on the drive home. I didn’t want to ruin his surprise. These last eleven months had made my decision easy. Craig was perfect. On Halloween night, twelve months since we’d met, we drove to a beach and parked on the dunes. He was getting nervous and fiddling with something in his pocket. This was it! Before he could say a word I reached into my bag and grabbed the ceremonial dagger of my forefathers. The silver of the blade flashed in the moonlight and reflected in his eyes as I straddled him and plunged the steel into his chest. Blood erupted from the wound, splattering the windows and soaking my face in a crimson mask. He screamed but no one would hear him here. That is why I recommended this spot. He didn’t put up much of a fight either. The last man scratched and punched. I was happy not to be hurt again. Craig whimpered for awhile, but was quiet by the time I’d finished cutting out his heart. I’d waited twelve months for this, to feast on that kind, sweet heart and as I gorged myself I could feel the power swelling within me. The last man was tainted and impure. With Craig’s good heart I would live another hundred years. Craig was the one. I knew it straight away, from the moment I saw him.

And some great feedback from the judge, author Alan Baxter Alan Baxter: “This is one of those stories that very neatly subverts your expectations. All along I was expecting the perfect man to turn out as anything but, then boom! Plot twist. It’s very neatly done and is an excellent use of the flash fiction medium.” It’s put me in a pretty peppy mood.


Veil of the Corrupter is Sunday 30 November. I’ll also put up an excerpt to get you giddy. Be sure to add Veil to your Goodreads list. If you enjoy my blog make sure to follow me by email so you get alerts when I post. You wouldn’t want to miss anything would you? Everyone at school would be talking about this amazing post they read last night and you would be all lame and left out because you didn’t read it. They would point at you. There could be laughing. Someone might call you a dumb-wad. I’m just trying to save you from all that. You can follow via email on the bar to your left.

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