So… Sick… But Must… Midweek… Motivator…

So I’ve been sick for the last few days and it’s been horrible.

At one point, I was incapable of getting up from the couch and could not find the remote. I was forced to watch Geordie Shore for hours until someone came home and saved me.


I mean. I probably could have gotten up, and it turned out I was sitting on the remote. But that’s all in the past and there’s nothing we can do about it now, is there?

The best part of my week however has been discovering the show Defiance. Yes, yes, I realise this has been around for awhile. But as previously stated, I am always late to the party.

It helps that Defiance stars my lady crush, Jaime Murray. I ❤ her much.


So unfortunately, I’ve been super unproductive this week. Thankfully, my Midweek Motivators helped get a little editing done. Enjoy!


EDIBLE: Chocolate Seashells. Belgian chocolate filled with delicious roasted hazelnut praliné.

So one time, I bought a box and ate every single one …


VISUAL: Benedict Cumberbatch. Sherlock himself and the best thing about the ‘meh’ Star Trek 2 movie. I don’t care about terrorists on Earth. That’s something we have to deal with in reality every day! Get your butts back in space and discover new worlds and new civilisations!!!!

Also. Those Klingons were VERY disappointing.

AUDIBLE: Black Sheep by Metric. You might know it from Scott Pilgrim VS The World, which is in my Top 10 movies by the way. It’s got a great whimsical sound and fab lyrics. Must have on your alternative playlist.

So that’ll about do it from me. Now, I must rest and regather my strength, for there is much laundry that must be done and it will not do itself.



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