Midweek Motivators – The Three D’s. Drinks. Dudes. Dusic. (I know how to spell music, ju

I warned you I’d be back on Wednesday.

If you’re reading this then..

A) Hey. How you doing?

B) You have no one to blame but yourself

I have many loves in my life. A good book. A well pruned hedge. The smell of the freezer at the supermarket.


Anyway. It’s those things that I love that normally save me from writers block. As you know, I write stuff. Books specifically. Well, I write other things of course. Shopping lists. Cheques for bills. Ransom notes.


No, no. I don’t write ransom notes. You don’t write ransom notes. They’d just analyse your handwriting, stupid. You need to cut letters out of magazines. Duh? We’re getting off track… Midweek Motivators! This is a regular on my blog. Three items – edible, visual and audible – that are great for pumping chapters out of me! Yes. Pump.


Edible – A Full Tank Carribean from Tank Juice Bar – Oh My Gawd. There are few things in the world that taste as amazing as this drink. It’s all bananas and coconuts and mangos and deliciousness. I keep telling myself that I’m only going to get a minitank because they are crazy overpriced, but then I get to the counter and the guy is like, “What size?” and I’m like, “Screw it. Full Tank.”

Visual – Starlord a.k.a Chris Pratt a.k.a now his milkshake is bringing all the girls to the yard even though I appreciated him when he was funsize on Parks and Rec.


Is it the beard? I’m definitely a beard man. Is it that he’s accessible to homely looking girls like myself? Is it because he’s funny? Every girl wants a funny guy who is rich and on tv. It could be any of the above. Regardless, he’s on the list. PS: Guardians of the Galaxy fricken RULED!!!!!


Lastly. Audible. Now, Lana Del Rey has gotten some slack for her live performances, but she will probably never have a show in New Zealand, so I’ll never have to hear her live and deal with the consequences. On a heavily produced radio edit she sounds great! She’s got some awesome songs to write to, my favourite is Born To Die.

Mmmm. Sweet tunes.

Writing Update: Veil of the Corrupter is coming along great and will be ready for ARC reviewers in December.

The Empyrean Key has been getting some AMAZING reviews. One in particular had me gobsmacked and reminded me why I love writing.

Check out Sparrowhawk’s 5 Star review!

For those who use Goodreads, I encourage you to pop over and look me up. Add me to your Favourite Authors or add my books to your Want To Read list to keep up with what I’m doing. Clickee

I appreciate the support of all those who have read The Empyrean Key and I can’t wait to show you more of Ardentia!


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