Midweek Motivators – Augustus Made Me Cry and Work-In-Progressessssesssesss

I’d never gotten around to reading A Fault In Our Stars, so last weekend I trotted off to the local video store – you know, those buildings that rent dvds for a specified amount of time and then you have to return them or feel the wrath of late fees – and grabbed a copy.

I had been warned that I would cry. I laughed. Me? Cry? I don’t cry! I didn’t even cry during child birth! I just rode that lightening and came out smiling like the cheshire cat.

You know, that’s not true. I can’t back that up. Giving birth is REALLY painful. Never doubt that.

Well, balls. I cried. A lot. I think i cried through the whole thing actually. It was so good! These kids need to get oscars or something. They were amazing! Now, for me it doesn’t have too much re-watch value. I don’t like crying over and over unless it’s the Season 2 Finale of Buffy…


Gees, that episode was killer.

Anyways, it’s a good flick. I would check it out if you haven’t already. It was far superior to X-Men; Days of Future Past which I also rented.

Now that thing started out awesome but then slowly and surely, devolved into a cesspool of lame. I mean, Wolverine is ok, but why is every X-Men movie about him! There are so many amazing mutant characters but all we get is Hugh “Look At My Veins” Jackman.



So there we have Jo’s rented movie review of movies that came out MONTHS ago that she has just gotten around to seeing. That’s right folks, I am terrible at staying current. I was rocking out to this baby long after it was a thing.

I was like, “Dude, this song is neat. I just heard about it on the internet.”

And then my husband was like, “Jo. That happened four years ago and that song sucks super bad.”

And then I was like, “Whatever.”

Well it’s that time of the week!!!!!


Midweek Motivators is a regular segment where I share with you my inspirations for getting through a tough writing week. Something Edible, Visual and Audible or “The food I stuff my face with while perving at some hot dude and listening to bad ass tunes.” – trademarked.

EDIBLE: Chocolate Croissants – I like chocolate. I like croissants. I was sold immediately. Although I think they could have come up with a better name similar to Cronuts. Chosants? Chococro? Stnassetalo? (That one’s just letters really. I don’t even know how you’d say that).

Now, I’m no baker but I do believe I have the secret recipe for this treat.

1) Get a croissant

2) Stuff it with chocolate

You’re welcome.

VISUAL: Idris Alba. He was in Pacific Rim, the best and worst movie ever!


He’s all tall and smouldering with the flecks of grey in his beard. It’s all very appealing.

AUDIBLE: Sail by Awolnation has been a great source of inspiration for me this week. I have that thing on repeat and it is goooooooood.

It was Sail that got me writing a lot of the new series that I have been working on. Don’t worry! Ardentia still has a long way to go, but to save myself from burnout, I am also writing an urban fantasy series.

It will centre around the character of hybrid mercenary Ellie Black, and the dangers that await her in the first test city where humans and otherworldly creatures, who once fed on humans, will learn to coexist now that synthetic foods have been introduced. But naturally, things will go wrong and that is where our Ellie will come into play.

It’s very work-in-progress at the moment but will hopefully be ready for readers in late 2015.

In the mean time, we’re still counting down to Veil of the Corrupter! I’m excited to be releasing some sample pages next week! Stay tuned for updates! There will be a lot popping up in the coming weeks.

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