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Disclaimer: I am crap at reviews. I can’t even fathom how book bloggers keep their content so fresh and engaging. You’ll find that most of the time, my reviews will end with, yep, it was good. If you’re after an in depth book review blog, you’ve come to the wrong place. WIth that said…

Many things can draw me into a book. A snazzy prose, free-flowing dialogue and of course, a cover of excellence.

Blackfin Sky by Kat Ellis has a super fantastic cover. It made me ooh and ahh and click BUY pretty much immediately.




Blackfin Sky is set in the creepy and mysterious town of Blackfin and tells the strange tale of a girl named Sky who suddenly appears at school after being dead for months. Sounds pretty kickass right? Throw in some weird townsfolk, unexplained happenings and a burned out circus and you’ve got what adds up to be a nifty little YA read.

This is standalone, no pesky cliff hangers here, but there is still room for growth in the world if the author felt like it.

I give it 4 Keanu Thumbs


What’s that? This review was so amazing that you want to read this book right away!

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And so ends Jo Read A Book. Join me next week when we delve into the fascinating world of macaroni necklaces.



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