Fantasy Friday! Don’t google it. It doesn’t mean what I thought it would mean…

You’ve already googled it haven’t you? You naughty sausages.

Anyways. It’s Friday and you know what that means


Yes. We gotta get down.

Now before you start riding me about it, yes, yes. I know I didn’t put up my regular Wednesday post and I also know how very disappointed you all are. I had the .jpg ready and everything.

My excuse? I was binging on Supernatural. I really don’t think any further explanation is necessary.


But rest assured, I will be back to my usual blogging schedule next Wednesday with my “Midweek Musings”.

But for now, to celebrate Fantasy Friday which TO ME means it’s Friday and you should read a Fantasy book because they both start with “F”, The Empyrean Key is on sale this weekend for just $0.99.

How much stuff can you get for 99 cents nowadays? Maybe a can of unbranded soda? Perhaps an expired packet of noodles? Or…

The Empyrean Key by J.L Tomlinson


That’s right folks, grab The Empyrean Key on sale for this weekend and get your fantasy-freak on! Click the provided links or look over to your left and clickee le image.

Why you may ask? Because I’ve had a great week. Things are going super well and I hope this is just the beginning! See you Wednesday!


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