Cucumbers are people too

Since The Empyrean Key was released just over a month ago, I have noticed a recurring statement from friends and family.

“I didn’t know you wrote stuff!!!???!!!?!?!”

It is the horrible secret I have been keeping from those close to me. Yes. I’m a writer. A filthy, disgusting writer. I’m antisocial. I’m introverted. I’m boring and nerdy. But wait. I’m not any of those things (well, actually I am pretty nerdy) but these are all horrible stereotypes people!

When I go to the supermarket and I see a cucumber. I’m not like, “Oh man. I bet he’s crunchy and tastes great with a little salt and pepper.”


That is because I am not going to stereotype that cucumber. He could be mushy and taste like crap but that is HIS right as a cucumber. Who are we to judge him?

I love writing. I love writing for me. I love writing for readers. I love writing full stop. Getting into my character’s heads and putting them in interesting situations is amazing! And if along the way I can get readers to fall in love with these characters, well then gees, I’m a pretty happy camper.


Sure, when I get a big movie cheque and can quit my day job, I’ll probably tell people that, “Hey. Yeah. I’m an author. Whatevs.”

But until that day happens I’m just fine with being Jo, because Jo is pretty cool. At least that’s what my mum tells me when she puts me to bed at night, gently stroking my hair until I fall asleep. Thanks mum.

And speaking of writing, Veil of the Corrupter, the second book in the Ardentia series is almost ready for advanced readings for bloggers and beta readers. That’s another reason I don’t talk about my writing with friends and family that much. It’s really hard.


My main nemesis of course is the internet. I sit down, ready to write. I’ll get to a scene which I need to ponder for a minute or two, so in the mean time, I’ll watch some youtube videos for inspiration. Before you know it, I’ve been watching Saturday Night Live skits for two hours. I love Taran Killam. It takes an amazing amount of self-discipline to write and I can’t even say no to Milky Bars at the supermarket checkout.

But rest assured, it is on its way with a release planned for late January but more details on that to come! Suffice to say, I’m excited to eventually have the entire series out there. As long as I can stop watching this Bill Hader skit, it should be done in no time.


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