India Peters is the luckiest girl in the world. Someone tried to murder her. Tried and failed. But that's not even the biggest news in the beachside community of Army Bay. Because queen bee, Brandy Hamilton, desired and despised in equal measure, disappeared the same night.

When India wakes, she learns that her childhood-friend-turned-hated-nemesis is missing, and so are India's memories from the last three months. She somehow went from social pariah to teen icon overnight, all thanks to a rekindled friendship with Brandy and introduction to her elite circle:

Brandy's sister Sadie, the good twin.
Rory, the track star.
Ben, the hot boyfriend.
Avery, the rich douche.
And Elton, the cocky loner.

But things in Army Bay are only getting stranger. Her parents; her frenemies; the girl she likes; even the police, they all know far more than they're willing to share. To uncover the truth behind Brandy's disappearance, India will have to expose the town's dark secrets no matter who gets hurt.

Will she recover her memories and solve the puzzle of that terrifying night, or will her luck run out before she gets the chance?

Packed with twists and turns, Shadows in the Water is the spine-tingling thriller you won't be able to put down.

"Books like this are like crack to me! Teenagers, murder. The type of book I would binge if it was a Netflix series."