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Evil does not die.
Evil is forever.

She Brings The Harvest
Tales from Ardentia - Halloween Special

When the sudden deaths of her family leave Nimbria of House Rothmere overcome with grief, she tries to escape sorrow by traveling west with her devout fiancé Tobe, a recently ascended Lightbearer. But something is following, lingering in the shadows and tormenting Nimbria with wicked visions etched in blood. Not wanting to displease Tobe, she keeps her struggles with faith a secret while enduring the horrors that plague her mind. An untimely delay sees the couple forced to spend the night at an inn bordering Tresconset, a cursed forest with a grisly past.

Before the night is through, Nimbria will learn that evil is forever, and you cannot deny the darkness once it knows your name.

She Brings The Harvest is a special Halloween release that takes place in the universe of the full-length novel, Fates of Ruin. This novella contains elements of horror and gore.


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